Wednesday, September 19, 2007

5 Months Old!

At 5 Months Lukas is:
  • giving big smiles to Mommy, Daddy, anyone who looks at him the right way, any of his toys that he likes, or just because he wants to
  • laughing...but where smiles are readily available a laugh is a rare thing
  • rolling all directions...and he getting close to figuring out he can roll around to go places
  • sitting with help
  • standing with help (this is actually his current favorite position)
  • wiggling enough to power a generator
  • teething (yuck)...he's working on the two bottom front teeth
  • eating rice cereal or oatmeal at dinner time
  • wearing helmet to reshape his head
  • babbling when he has important things to say
  • chewing and mouthing everything
  • grabbing at things (he loves pulling your glasses off your face)
  • completely in love with Mommy and Daddy (who are also completely in love with him!)

And even better than a picture...a video!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Testing Out My Posting Skills

What better way to do it than with a picture of Lukas...