Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Asher 4 (and 5) Months Old!

Asher is...well actually now 5 months old.  We have been so crazy busy with summer, illness, and life that I have completely lost track of getting Asher's monthly information written down.  I'm going to try my hardest to make sure I don't lose anymore info, and stay on top of it from now on.  Unfortunately since I'm only just now writing down his 4th month, I don't remember all the accomplishments, so I'll have to combine it with his current month post.

Asher at 4 months:
- weighed 15 lbs 15 oz.
- was 26 in long.
- began to tripod sit (about the 3rd week of June)

Asher at 5 months:
- weighs about 17.5 lbs (He's HUGE!)
- eats 4-5 5 oz bottles thickened with 2 tbsp rice cereal a day.
- takes 2-3 naps a day.  His afternoon nap is generally his longest nap because Lukas and Corina are quiet and resting as well.
- grasps toys with one or both hands to then place in his mouth.
- rolls all over the place in all directions.
- can tripod sit.
- will scoot around by ducking his head down, digging his toes, and inching forward.
- is "crowing" very loudly when he has something to say.
- startles very easy, and not always at things that are expected.
- is still battling reflux. We have recently switched him to Allimentum formula in addition to Prilosec and probiotics he already regularly takes.  It has made a huge difference!  It really hit us how big a difference it made when we realized we were able to use the burp cloths over and over because he wasn't spitting up (like at all!).
- has decided that he likes the paci after almost total rejection for the first four and a half  months.  Not sure what changed his mind, but it's a nice change because he's easier to soothe now.
- moved to his crib full time in mid June.  It was a sad transition because no more of my babies will sleep in the cradle that my grandpa made.  Now it will be packed up and waiting any future nieces or nephews.  :)
- thinks his brother and sister are amazing!  He loves it when they talk to him and play games with him.  He will stare so intently and smile so big.  It's wonderful to watch!
- is very serious as he studies the world.  He intently watches everything!
- has the best laugh even if he is a bit more reserved about sharing it.
- shares his smile with anyone that will smile at him.
- loves his Mommy, Daddy, Lukas and Corina more and more everyday!!!!

2 Years Old!

Corina at 2 years old:
 - weighs 26 lbs.
 - is 34 in tall.
 - talks constantly!  She rivals Lukas for talk time.  I didn't think anyone could talk more than Lukas, but Corina talks just as much.  The house is so loud! 
 - is so strong-willed!  She wants her way in everything, and is stubborn enough to stand her ground until she either gets in trouble or gets her way.  I've said it before, but while I've very grateful for this trait because it will serve her well later, it's a huge challenge now.
 - is a pouter.  She is stereotypical girl in this regard.  If she doesn't get her way initially, she looks at you and pouts to try to get you to change your mind.  If she only knew how ridiculous and fake her pouts look.
 - is so happy!  She, like Lukas, is a very happy and out-going child.  She only sometimes has issues with people she doesn't know if she's being left (like in school or nursery), but gets over it very quickly. 
 - loves to play dress up, with dolls, kitchen, make believe with Lukas (or really anything with Lukas), puzzles, read books, sing, and color.
 - loves, loves to dance!!  She dances EVERYWHERE!  I have been looking for her a dance class to begin in the fall.  This has proven more difficult that I originally thought since most companies require you to be age 3 and potty trained before attending.
 - is a HAM!  She will perform anywhere, anytime.  :)
 - wants to do everything Lukas does, especially when it involves going somewhere. 
 - is an amazing big sister!  I never planned for her to be a big sister, but I can't imagine her not being one now.  She loves Asher SO much!
 - loves Mommy, Daddy, Lukas, and Asher more and more every day!!!