Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Picture Catch-up Post

I've been horrible lately at getting things posted to the blog. So, here's a few pictures from the last month or so.

Corina LOVES shoes, and if it'll stay on her little foot, she'll wear it regardless of who's shoe it actually is.


The next couple are videos of Corina dancing. They don't really do her dancing justice since most of the time I point the camera at her, she stops. But here's a small taste of the dancing that she does constantly during the day.

Corina was trying to figure out how to shake her leg properly. By the time I actually recorded it, she was doing it. However just before this video, she'd put her leg in the air and shake her head instead of her leg. I was practically on the floor laughing because she looked so funny (and cute!).

Swim Lessons 2011

Here's a few pictures/videos from Lukas and Corina's swim lessons. The lessons were July 24 - August 4.

Lukas puts a ton of effort into swimming, but is hard pressed to actually go anywhere. This video was taken during "safety day", and he kept flipping over (accidentally) in his life jacket.

C loved swimming as long as she was on her tummy. This video was taken during her "safety day", and she HATED the life jacket.