Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Catching Up...

Seems like all I'm doing lately is catching everyone up on what we've been doing. Oh well, we've been busy having fun!

Lukas and I went to Mema and Grandad's house from July 28 - August 2 with Eric joining us on the 31st. We had a blast! We just hung out and relaxed, and it was great!

Tee ball!

Tee ball with Grandad!

We spent a lot of time at the piano.

Mema and Lukas playing!

Lukas is cooking Macaroni and Cheese. He has noodles in the pot, a measuring cup, and a milk carton...he was set!

Dot painting...

Exhausted!! The week wore him out!

On August 3rd the Swaynes braved the heat (it was 100 degrees outside) to go to the Dallas Zoo. We ended up picking the perfect day (minus the heat) because it was half price tickets, and they were selling souviner drinks that you could refill for free all day.

One of the many "Lukas looking at an animal" pictures...if you can't tell the giraffes star in this one.

on the turtle...

by the baby elephant...

playing in the children's area...boy was it hot!

And finally Eric's family had a reunion on August 8th. We took a neat four generation picture of Eric, Lukas, Mike (or Papa), and Buddy (Mike's uncle).

Asthma Update: While the summer started off with a rough June, after that things have calmed down. Lukas has felt great most of July and August! I'm praying that this continues when school starts in a few weeks.