Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reflux Update

We saw Corina's GI doctor today (4-28-11) to get a new plan now that she's over a year and still needing thickener, meds, and having flare-ups. He scheduled her for an endoscopy (May 18) to test for esophageal allergies. If this comes back positive he will treat with a localized steroid for her esophagus and/or (not completely clear on if it's both or one or the other) MAJOR dietary restrictions. He only mentioned part of the list of foods she would be unable to eat, and I was already wondering what she would be able to eat. If the test comes back negative, he'll have to rethink the meds she's currently on and exactly what step to take next. Needless to say prayers would be appreciated because this is going to be a process either way.

Just because she's cute....

Spring Program

Butterfly School had their spring program tonight (4-28-11) entitled "Jesus In Springtime". The kids all did great, but of course Lukas was the best! He was such a ham!!

Lukas is in the front row, 2nd kid from the right in a yellow shirt.

"Jesus Loves Me"...And yes, Lukas does stick his hand down his pants.

"God Is Love"...Sorry this one cuts off before the song is over, but my battery died. :(

Monday, April 25, 2011

4 Years Old

I am still in disbelief that Lukas is 4 years old. I mean, how has it possibly been 4 years already?! As hard to believe as it is, he also makes it hard to believe he's only 4 at times. I mean, there's no doubt about it, the kid is brilliant. I just hope as he grows that I can keep up with him as much as I need to.

Lukas at 4 years old:
- weighs 31.6 lbs - This was the first well check that he only took off his shoes, his clothes were included in the weight measurement.
- is 41 inches tall.
- tested perfect hearing on his hearing screen and 20/30 on his vision screen.
- has an outlandish, huge, and amazing imagination. He can spin you a story so intricate that it feels real...if it weren't for the dragons, dinosaurs, knights, etc that are usually the main characters.
- grasps abstract concepts like heaven, family relations, family members he's never met or seen (because they're dead), and more that I can't think of right now but blow me away when he discusses.
- asks incessant questions, but is never wrong about facts (in his mind anyway) after the initial question. And he often isn't, but if he is he will not listen (to me anyway) to correction.
- is SUPER strong-willed. This will serve him well during his life, however it also presents a big problem as far as discipline is concerned. We are just lucky that in general he wants to do the right thing because when he doesn't there is no consequence (that we've found yet anyway) to make him amend his ways.
- loves technology, to discover how things work, to learn, dinosaurs, dragons, knights, cars, books, to play with his friends, to be outside, and his space station toys.
- loves God with all his heart! He enjoys reading his Bible every night, going to Bible class, going to Children's Church, reading books about the Bible stories, singing Bible songs, and discussing spiritual matters that often leave me in tears over his precious love for our Savior.
- knows his phonics. He can sound out a word so well that you'd think he was actually saying it, but he's not quite to putting it together and reading it yet. Although he's got to be sight-word reading quite a bit of stuff because he is able to tell us what stuff says sometimes and all that's there to look at is the word.
- will tell you he's a Spanish 'expert' because he is learning Spanish in school. ;)
- can write his name, but getting him to take the time to do it is another matter.
- loves his sister completely, but is also trying to figure out how to love her but not always like her. Being the older brother, he's having to learn to deal with the little sister wanting to always play with him even he (very much) doesn't want to play with her.
- loves his Mommy and Daddy always!!!

Some pictures from our family celebration.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stroll for Epilepsy 2011

We were able to participate in the Stroll for Epilepsy at the Dallas Zoo for the second year, this year. We strolled with our good friends the Wages and the Benfers, and had a blast supporting a great cause.

Paizlee and Corina enjoyed riding in the wagon together. They discussed their purple bracelets, pacis, lovies, and the various things we passed that they had an opinion on.

Kaleb, Maddie, and Lukas had a ball together. They saw all the animals, conquered rocks, mastered the playground, discussed hurt feelings, found things that no adult would ever find, and led us on a grand adventure.

Chillin' with her drink and some cheerios.

Lukas was so happy that the goat ate his hay. :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Recent Pictures and a Video


Future rock star!

"Hi Mommy! I got up all by myself!"


Corina is teaching Lukas how to share her dollhouse.

Showing off his dance moves.

LOVES his new guitar!

Corina has some dance moves of her own, but when she doesn't like the song she goes over to try to change it.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

12 Months Old!

This year has gone so unbelievably fast! I almost feel as if I've missed some of it along the way because there is just no way my baby can be a year old already! But alas the truth stares me in the face each time I look at her and she demonstrates just how old she is. It's a bittersweet feeling because I love watching her grow and learn, but I also know that she is the last so it's hard to let some of the sweet baby moments go.

Corina at 12 months:
- weighs 18 lbs 10 oz (She's gained exactly 10 lbs since birth)
- is 29 1/4 in tall
- says: Mama and Dada
- signs: more, all done, "I want you or that", bye-bye, no
- LOVES to sit in the rocking chair.
- is a very intent reader. The feely books and flap books are still her favorite, but she'll also listen to ones without for a while.
- is cruising furniture.
- is walking holding on to your hands. She knows she can get there faster crawling though, so she doesn't do the much.
- can climb stairs.
- will do what she wants to do even if she has to wait until you're not looking to do it.
- has started to throw small tantrums if she doesn't get her way. (Hate this stage because she is too little to reason all with, but so persistent that she will hardly redirect. Therefore, there are unfortunately times with a lot of crying.)
- is only eating table food.
- drinks soy milk because cow's milk did not set very well. Her reflux flared horribly and she got a huge diaper rash that spread to her tummy and chest.
- likes to put things in other things, and then take it out. She'll do this over and over.
- still loves all forms of music.
- still dances and grooves ALL the time. :)
- is learning to draw with a crayon. It's most fun when Lukas is doing it too.....but isn't most everything right now?!
- likes being outside.
- enjoys playing with little people, animals, books, anything musical, her new play kitchen, her tea set, anything Lukas has that looks cool (especially that he doesn't want her have), and balls.
- still needs her liquids thickened.
- loves her Mommy, Daddy, and Brother more and more every day!!

Corina Grace 1 year ago....

It's amazing how much she's changed!

Playing of her favorite games.

Such a big girl, drinking out of a sippy cup!

Oh sweet girl, we love you so much!! You are amazing, and we are so blessed by you!