Thursday, June 30, 2011

15 Months!

Corina at 15 months:
- weighs 21 lbs 12 oz.
- is 31 inches long.
- is walking everywhere, and trying to run at times.
- is as verbal as Lukas, but doesn't always get the chance to speak.
- has about 12 consistent words (if I've gotten them all) in her vocabulary. She says Mommy (Ma), Daddy (Daaee), brother (buh), ball (boh), cat (ca), paci (aaee), more (mo & she signs this one), done (duh & and she signs this one), hi (ha with a wave), bye (beh with a wave), that (dah), Barney (Bah), and signs please. If you tell her a word, she will often repeat it. And due to her emphatic nature, she has no trouble getting her meaning across.
- knows the following body parts: nose, ears, head, tummy, mouth, hands, and feet.
- is fairly social, but not quite as much as Lukas. If she cries at all when dropped off in the nursery, it doesn't last long. She will often wave and say hi to people when we're out and about, but if they try to talk to her, she clams up.
- has become a pretty picky eater. She will not eat veggies, fruits are hit or miss, no meat beyond a test bite, water by itself, and cereal is no longer a desired option. She does like bananas, cantelope, pasta, PBJ sandwhiches, grilled cheese sandwhiches, yogurt, any kind of cracker snack, apple juice, and milk.
- has 6 teeth, and working heavily on getting her molars in.
- has been discharged (for the second time) from her GI. We have worked her off the thickener, and she's doing well. We've been weaning down her Prevacid, and time will tell how successful that is.
- loves to read, draw, play with Lukas doing whatever he's doing (which is fun for Lukas, but can also get annoying), be outside, watch Wiggles and Barney, sing, and dance.
- loves animals, but prefers them to be at a distance most of the time.
- loves her Mommy, Daddy, and Brother more and more everyday!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Family Day

Last Saturday (6-4-11) we decided a family day was in order. First we went to the Aquarium at Fair Park, and then had a picnic out there. After the picnic, we came home for naps because that evening we went to Zoobilee at the Dallas Zoo. At the end of the day we were all exhausted, but we had so much fun!

The Aquarium...everyone was moving around too much to get a ton of pictures.

Walking around Fair Park.