Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It has been very exciting to be able to decorate a room exactly how we wanted it for Corina, since when Lukas was born we were squeezing him into our apartment. Lukas helped as much as we dared let him, and has enjoyed helping prepare everything for Corina. It's so much fun to hear him talk about all the things he's going to do with her and teach her when she's born. I do hope he's not too disappointed that for the first month or two she won't be much more than a noodle.


Lukas is cleaning a dirty spot on the carpet.

Happy Daddy working on his daughter's room.

Very happy big brother because he's about to PAINT! We tried to let him paint in just his diaper, but he insisted he needed clothes.

Lukas helping Papa find the right tools for putting the furniture together.

Papa and Daddy working on the furniture.


It's kind of dark, but this is video of Lukas painting. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Family Day

Today (3-16-10) Eric took off work so we could have a family day before Corina arrives. We debated about doing several things, and finally decided on simply having a Lukas oriented day. So we started off the day with donuts. Lukas accompanied Daddy to the donut shop to make sure the right ones were bought. Then we got ready and went to the park. The weather today wasn't the best for playing outside since it was cloudy, windy, and barely 50 degrees when we went. Aside from the fact that we were all shivering when we left the park, we had a lot of fun. After freezing at the park, we went to Ci Ci's for a yummy pizza lunch. Lukas was able to eat his favorite Mac anc Cheese and Alfredo pizzas with the added bonus of lemonade to drink. After he ate Eric and he went to "play" the video games in the back. To play these games Lukas watches the intro movie screen and moves the controller. One of these days he'll realize that this isn't actually playing it, but I'm certainly not going to tell him. :) He did spend a quarter to get a prize from one of the prize machines. He got a bouncy ball. After naptime, we went to run an errand, eat dinner, and play trains at Barnes & Noble. All in all it was a very fun day! I'm really glad we took a day to make it all about Lukas before Corina arrives and there's a family fruit basket turn over.

Eric is not the reason this rope is on the ground. It is always like that.

I did manage to get myself in a picture.

Feeding the ducks and seagulls.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Sorry about the lack of updating on our experiment. The experiment went just as planned! The dinosaur did in fact grow quite large. Lukas watched it pretty intently for the first day, and when not much happened he kind of gave up the watch. The day after he did ask after its progress, but that was about it. Finally by the time 48 hours had passed (and the dinosaur was as big as it was going to get) we checked it and took it out. He was very excited that it had gotten so big, and he immediately put another dinosaur in the water to grow. :)