Friday, August 6, 2010

This Week...

This past week has been it's own special version of crazy. It's not been any one thing in particular, but rather all the little things that have added up. So by today (Friday), I'm DONE! I'll be honest there were a lot of cute moments (and I'll post pictures of those), but most of the other moments were just snowballed crazy.

We started Corina on rice cereal this past Saturday (7-31), and as the days wore on we could tell something was just not right about it. By Tuesday her reflux (or at least what I assume was reflux) had increased again to being closer to actually vomiting than she'd ever been before. Mind you, in the two weeks since she'd started on the Prevacid, her reflux had been TONS better. So on Wednesday (8-4) put a call into the pediatrician's office to find out what to do. Thankfully the advice was simply switch to oatmeal. We did, and she hasn't had any more trouble. So I don't know what it is about rice cereal that doesn't agree with C's system, but I'm not trying it again to find out.

Also on Wednesday Lukas ended up going into the pediatrician for a headache he'd had for several days over his left eye. The result of that appointment is now an appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist in early September. That result also had Mommy complaining for about a day that the poor kid can't catch a break between the helmet, constant upper respiratory infections, severe asthma, and now maybe glasses! I mean Eric and I both knew that our poor kids didn't stand a chance since every member of the extended family (and beyond) has needed glasses at some point (although most before leaving high school). We were, however, hoping that we wouldn't need to be having this appointment quite so early.

By today (Friday) Eric and I are both exhausted and I'm sick since every night this week, one child or the other has been up and down all night. I am glad that I took pictures to remind me of all the fun we had this week because I'm simply too tired to remember it at this point.

When she just needs a break from all the noise and stimulation that Lukas brings, she gets to play in her crib with her ladybugs for a while.

Corina was having so much fun splashing in the bathtub, I had to try to get it on video. It's a bit dark because there's not much "natural light" in the bathroom.

The picture is dark because I was trying to capture the really cool light up effect that the sword does. I kind of caught it.

They're working on a model catapult.

We're playing Vikings. It was even more fun when Daddy got involved and it became a huge war of epic proportions.

This picture is mainly for Paul and Jennifer. I looked over to find him playing his computer games with his cave hat on. :) Thank you so much!! He loves it!

On Sunday (Aug 1) we said the official goodbye to some of our best friends, the Wages as they move to Abilene to begin a new chapter in their lives. As much as we will miss them, we are also very excited for the new opportunities awaiting them.

I love this picture because it is so representative of their friendship.

Rachel definitely got a better picture of the four of them, but this is the best one I got.

Paizlee and Corina. Sweet new friends.

An Update on the Parents

I rarely post about Eric and I because the kids are the ones that do all the changing. Eric and I realized a while ago that for the most part we've reached the "boring" stage of lives. We're fairly status quo in our daily lives. A few fun things have happened recently though, so here's a quick update.

Eric and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary this past June 28th. It's amazing to think that we've now been married 7 years. We've had Ember (the first cat we adopted) for 6 years, and Melody (the second cat we adopted) for 4 1/2 years. Added to the fact that we have two kids, it's simply amazing. We are truly blessed to still deeply love each other as we do, even after time and life have occurred for 7 years.

Eric started a new job at Rockfish Interactive in mid-July. This new opportunity completely fell in our laps, and happened so fast there was no other way to explain it than to praise God! After being there for a few weeks he is loving it, and we are all feeling blessed by the drastic slow down in pace this change has brought. It's fantastic to actually be able to see him when he gets home instead of simply watching him work more from home after the work day.

After two years teaching the toddlers two days a week, I'm now a full time stay-at-home mom since Corina is not old enough to attend the preschool Lukas attends. This year will show me if I love it or need that part time job back.