Wednesday, February 20, 2008

10 Months Old!

Lukas is getting to be such a big boy! He is more active than ever, and if we could somehow harness that energy we'd never have to pay a power bill again!

Lukas at 10 months:
- is still crawling anywhere and everywhere as fast as he can
- pulling up on everything and barely holding on once he's standing
- has stood all on his own for as much as 30 seconds (he's going to get the hang of the standing alone thing soon)
- has already had a bloody lip (from bouncing in his crib), a scraped chin (from trying to crawl to fast and "tripping" over himself), and many other bumps and bruises
- is babbling in "sentences"...he's starting to put inflection in his babble (it's really cute)
- is eating some table-style food (he likes to chew the food he's just not very good at picking it up)
- has mastered the straw style of sippy cup (and loves being able to drink juice all on his own)
- still eats almost anything we give him (the only thing he turns his nose up at cheese and so mac and cheese is out for now)
- loves to be outside
- still loves to swing
- reads books as if they are going out of style (although at this point he'll only wait long enough for you to say one or two words before he turns the page...but hey, he's "reading")
- thinks his mattress is his own personal trampoline
- thinks bath time is simply the best
- loves exploring...and not just exploring the house, he loves to explore his toys and make sure he knows exactly what they're doing and why
- knows the meaning of the word "no", but has decided that it's a game (don't worry, we'll get that worked out)
- has a very contagious smile and laugh (we have a lot of fun in our house!)
- love his Mommy and Daddy more and more every day

Some pictures from his 10 Month birthday:

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Lukas would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!

And I might add that I have the best and sweetest husband in whole world! For the reason why go here.

Hope everyone enjoys the celebration of love that this day represents.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Weekend Away

This past weekend we sent Lukas to Houston to spend the weekend with my parents so we could have a weekend alone. Now I love my son to distraction, but this was a much needed weekend of refreshment for Eric and I. We were able to sleep in and be lazy on Saturday as well as get some much needed things accomplished. Then Saturday night, thanks to my wonderful sister who won it in an auction last year, we were able to spend the night in a hotel and have a fantastic room service breakfast! And the best part is it was all free!!! The only thing we paid for was the in-room movie we bought. Neither of us realized how much we needed a weekend away until it was here, and then we just felt the stress melting off. Now we are refreshed and ready to go for the next round....and believe me it will not be another 9 months before we do this again!

Now I can't speak for Lukas but after seeing the pictures Mema and Grandad sent back I'm guessing he had a great weekend too. I'll let ya'll decide...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's hard being a baby!

If we go backwards on last weeks events it went something like Lukas cut a tooth on top of coming down with Fifth Disease on top of an ear infection. The ear infection started everything at his 9 month well visit (on 1-21), so I guess it turned out he was not so well after all. Then a week later he started a fever. After talking to an on-call doctor on Sunday night, a trip to Dr. Naylor (his pediatrician) on Monday, and talking to Dr. Naylor on Tuesday after a rash developed we figured out he had Fifth Disease. Crazy little illness that by the time you can diagnose it the worst is over. Apparently you're only contagious with the fever but not the rash, however the rash is what tells the doctor what it is. Then after a couple days of him still not eating or sleeping well we ended up back at the doctor on Friday, and come to find out he cut a new tooth. So for those of you keeping count, he now has 5 teeth. I'm just glad I don't have to go through that much in a week all on top of each other! Thankfully he's doing much better and having a ton of fun now that he's well.