Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

Today (9-6-11) was the first day of school. Both kids are attending Butterfly School this year. Lukas is in Pre-K this year, and in Ms. Karen's class. He is very excited for school to start again. When I dropped him off, he went straight in and barely said bye. True Lukas style. Corina is in the Toddler class this year with Ms. Carrie and Ms. LaRae. She really enjoyed playing with all the toys at Meet the Teacher, and is ready to stay all day. When I dropped her off, she thought about crying because several other kids were, but went off to play as soon as I turned around to sign her in.

Cuddling with Daddy after getting dressed.

He was ready to go this morning! He didn't even complain when I gave him his clothes and told him to get dressed.

Amazingly no one complained about taking pictures this morning. They just stood there saying "cheese" over and over.

She went straight to playing after being dropped off.

17 Months

Corina at 17 months:
- weighs about 23 lbs.
- is running (toddler run of course).
- is talking up a storm. I haven't even been able to keep up with all the new words in her vocabulary. She is also getting pretty understandable to people other than Mommy or Daddy.
- enjoys playing with Lukas, baby dolls, Little People, music instruments, drawing, reading books, being outside, swimming, and pretend cooking.
- has become VERY picky about food. She only has a short list of things that she'll eat all the time, and another small list that she'll sometimes eat. Bananas, PB&J, yogurt, grapes, mac and cheese, and tortellini are some that she'll eat anytime. Pizza, deli meat (only one brand), apples, cheese, and other pastas are some that she'll eat some of the time.
- has a definite opinion about most everything.
- loves accessories. She has bracelets, bows, rings, shoes, necklaces, etc that she wears and plays with regularly.
- has discovered that going to the nursery, bible class, or with babysitter are all very fun. She used to complain for a few min when dropped off, but no longer. Now she runs in ready to play.
- likes to hold a fork or a spoon, but has no desire to actually eat with it.
- loves animals. She's still not too sure about actually touching most of them, but she loves to watch and talk about them.
- loves her Mommy, Daddy, and Brother more and more every day!!

She loves to put on shoes, no matter who's they are.

Reading with Daddy and Lukas.

She's watching an elephant.