Monday, June 22, 2009

The Lukas Stage

The following are video representations of Lukas' music talent. Keep in mind that he performs multiple times during the day as to continually improve his skills. There are many days I'm very grateful for ibuprofen to make it through the drum, xylophone, piano, radio, flute, whistle, rain stick, clapper, tambourine, bells, guitar, and of course vocals.

Guitar with modest dance break.

Where is Pointer

Flute and Clapper

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful father I know! Happy Father's Day 2009, Eric!! You're a blessing to this family. Thank you for all the work you do, and all the fun you bring us. Lukas and I love you very much!!!

Telling Daddy about all the animals and cars.

Daddy was working, so Lukas decided to "work" as well.

Playing Wii is always a fun activity.



Saturday, June 20, 2009


We went swimming this morning in our community pool for the first time this summer. We practically had to dump Lukas in the pool, and then force him to stay in so he could get used to it again. Thankfully we were the only ones there the entire hour we were there, so it was nice and relaxing. Lukas did get reacquainted with the pool and was jumping in the water and swimming like a fish by the time we left.

This video nicely shows the game Lukas invented which also helped him decide swimming was fun again.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update and the ER

Well, it's happened. Lukas has had his first (and I hope only) trip to the ER due to asthma. Before I get into exactly what landed us there some small updates.

*That huge sinus infection that we've been battling since December has finally been cleared up with a six week round of Augmentin ES at 4 ml twice a day. So, thank you to the the big antibiotic that we've been on forever because IT WORKED!

*Lukas knows his left from his right. He recognizes the words: Lukas, Mommy, Daddy, and cat. He can tell you his name. He can count to 20, and visually recognizes those numbers as well (although number 3 commonly gets left out...he knows it he just doesn't say it). He will talk your ear off if you give him half a chance because he has something to say about everything...and it usually makes sense! He is 2 going on 10 because he is such a big boy and thinks he can do everything...and tries....and then tells you about it. He has his own personal symphony at home and plays every instrument daily, as well as telling others what they should play...right down to the song it should be. He remembers EVERYTHING, so when your around him be careful because while he might not repeat it but he may very well associate you with that random thing you thought no one saw. ;)

Ok, now for the ER story. He's had a cold since last week that had steadily moved into his chest. So much so that since last Thursday we've been on Albuterol treatments every 4 hrs to keep him controlled. However, we thought he was getting better, which was why we hadn't filled the oral steroid prescription his pulmonologist put on hold for us at the pharmacy (only to be used if he got worse). He woke up Sunday morning retracting (which is what his asthma does to him usually) and very lethargic. After a treatment he was not much (if any) better, so we throw ourselves together and head off to the hospital. The whole way time of course trying to keep him from falling asleep since at that point we don't know it's ok for him to go to sleep. It was truly one of the weirdest sights on him that I've ever seen. I mean he had just woken up from sleeping all night, and it was all we could do to keep him awake. Scared me to death since I had no idea exactly what was wrong! Anyway, once we got there he got another treatment and an oral steroid. They said it was ok for him to sleep and poor guy was OUT instantly. They ordered a chest x-ray to check for pnuemonia (which was negative), and had to do the whole thing while he was sleeping. I'm amazed they were able to do it because can we say awkward! We had to hold pretty much every part of his upper body in place so he didn't crumple. They sent us home with a prescription for Zithromax for the bronchitis and told us to fill the oral steroid (duh!). Later that afternoon, we noticed he wasn't making it all 4 hrs between treatments, so we called the on-call pulmonologist for advice. He told us to give him 3 back to back treatments and another dose of oral steroid to try to shock him out of his "bad breathing" cycle. It worked because he hasn't had trouble since. Today we are finally moving from 4 hr treaments to 6 hr treaments.

He's currently enjoying VBS which is throughly exhausting him since it's from 6:30-8:30 every night. Thankfully after tonight he can go back to his normal 7:30 bedtime.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Operation Organization

This past weekend Lukas got to go down to Houston to visit Mema and Grandad, while we tore into part of our organization problem (as well as had some "down" time).

Lukas' consisted of splashing in the pool, a trip to the fountains, the park, and lots of other cool stuff that only Mema and Grandad can provide.

Our weekend consisted of a huge shopping day to buy what we needed to organize, painting and staining, sorting, and a couple of relaxing dates. The highlight of the weekend was a trip to The Melting Pot for some fantastic fondue to celebrate my birthday.

Our main project was Lukas' room. We painted and installed shelves, sorted toys, and built a tool bench.




After: And we already have plans to buy another bookshelf since the one wasn't enough.



The awesome toolbench we made. He LOVES this thing. I think he's been building since he got back home.

We got these wall decals at Target. They're awesome except for they are barely sticking to our textured walls. I think we're going to have to mount them somehow so they stick for years and not weeks.

We also bought new barstools for our living room, a new coffee table, and have plans (once we find what we want) for a shelving unit in the entry way to organize our shoes, bags and mail. I'm loving the organization so far, and so now the goal is to keep it up!