Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Potty Training Bootcamp

Father's Day weekend we decided to get serious about potty training. So we packed up the pull ups and diapers (except at nap and bedtime), and picked out some cool "big boy" underwear. We got out the sticker chart and prizes and were set to go. Friday he went to the bathroom about every 30 min, since he wasn't used to having to hold it at all. He went through all 6 pairs of his underwear due to accidents, and by the end of the day I was EXHAUSTED. Saturday he went to the bathroom about every hour. He still went through all his underwear due to accidents. Sunday went about the same as Saturday, but he had fewer accidents! Monday he had even fewer accidents, Tuesday he only had one, and Wednesday on he hasn't had any!

Poop had it's own crazy story. Saturday and Sunday the poop went in his underwear, so Monday I was determined to get him to poop in the potty. On and off all day I read books to him on the potty for as long as I could keep him on the toilet. At one point Corina needed a bottle, so in an effort to keep Lukas on the toilet I put my computer on the floor in front of him with a movie on. That worked for about a minute, and then he was off and gone. After Corina had eaten her bottle and fallen asleep (I was still holding her), Lukas came running up to me holding his bottom and said, "Mommy, I have to POOP!" I told him to potty while jumping up to put Corina down. As I pass Lukas just standing in the bathroom naked I tell him to get on the toilet, and he says, "I CAN'T!" (about as sad as he could...I think he was trying so hard to hold it in that he couldn't move anymore). At that point I run to C's room to unceremoniously dump her in her bed (somehow she stays asleep), run back into the bathroom to put L on the toilet, run back into C's room to put on her blanket and close her door, and go back in to read books with L. As I sit down beside him on the edge of the bathtub I almost burst out laughing because I've never been (and will only be once again...with C) this excited about poop ever! Needless to say, he did his business and hasn't had issues with it since. He actually really performs it since it usually ends in "tada! my poop!"

Since I'm getting this post finished almost 2 weeks after we did our bootcamp, I'm happy to report that Lukas is doing fantastically well! He tells us when he needs to go, and holds it until we get there. And this was tested greatly on the road trip we took. We even put him in a pull up, just to save ourselves the trouble of a bunch of wet clothes in case we couldn't get somewhere safe to stop in time. But he always held it!! He's even been keeping his pull up dry at naptime, so he's about to start wearing underwear to bed at naptime. His bedtime diaper is even getting drier, so we're even making progress at night! He is amazing!

Showing off the new "big boy" underwear!

Daddy and Lukas building a model train.

Mommy and Lukas building a castle.

Corina smiling. She just kind of hung out during this whole crazy potty training thing.

Daddy being silly while Corina sleeps. She'll know better next time.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Outdoor Fun!

Summer is here! Most mornings Lukas ends up outside for at least an hour. He somehow manages to want to come back inside about 10:30 everyday. I don't know if he instinctively knows that Dinosaur Train on PBS or what. Anyway, when it's not too sunny Corina and I join Lukas outside. I'm hoping to get Corina a little baby tent, so she can enjoy the outside without being in the sun.

I undid her hat straps because her hat kept moving since she was so wiggly because of the wind.

He's showing her a flower.

Saturday we set up his pool for the first time!

He is playing with a dinosaur on the faucet.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dallas World Aquarium

We celebrated Memorial Day (May 31) this year by visiting the Dallas World Aquarium. It was Corina's first trip to the aquarium. I can't say she loved it, since being only 2 months old she really didn't care. However she did enjoy all the different colors and sounds. Lukas, of course, enjoyed everything. At one point he heard music that sounded to him like a whale, and that put him on a whale hunt. I was afraid about 5 minutes into the trip that he wasn't going to even try to enjoy the aquarium because he was sitting in the stroller (he refused to walk because the stroller was quicker) determined to find the whale. Thankfully he decided that all the other animals and fish were worth seeing, especially since there is no whale at the aquarium. The alligators might have been his favorite part of the trip, but to know for sure you'd have to ask him since his answer changes every 5 minutes.

Papa, Mimi, Lukas, and Corina ready to visit the aquarium.

Family picture with some pretty plants.

What more could a "geek in training" ask for than touchscreens?!

Corina wanted to be held most of the time so she could SEE!

He's pointing out the large lizard in there.

Looking and listening is exhausting!

The Swayne boys are looking at fish.

Lukas found a book and a chair in the gift shop. Who needs to buy it when you can read it right there?!