Sunday, December 11, 2011

Recent Pictures

Trip to the Dallas Zoo 11-23-11

Lukas' favorite place in the whole zoo.

Getting ready for Christmas

Making Pumpkin Bread

Saturday, December 10, 2011

19 & 20 Months

I realized I never posted Corina's monthly reports for the past couple months. Here's a short summary since it's almost time for her 21 month post.

Corina at 20 months:
- weighs about 26 lbs
- is about 33 in tall (I think)
- is now talking in full sentences, and most of the time she's understandable.
- is very independent minded. This results in quite a few fits and moments of resistance.
- is still an extremely picky eater.
- loves school! She is very sad the day that Lukas gets to go, but she doesn't.
- loves to read, sing, dance, play with Lukas, play outside, play games (although her version of a game is drastically different from an actual game), help anyone that appears to need it, and play mommy and doctor with her babies.
- loves her Mommy, Daddy, and Lukas more and more every day.

Over the past 3 months Corina has had croup twice and three ear infections. The joys of being in school for the first time, right? If her trend continues (which I'm hoping the current one she has is the last), I'm afraid we might be looking into tubes for her. Thankfully we have a fantastic ENT if we end up needing to look into this option.

I'll have to add pictures later since I need to get them off my camera.