Sunday, January 24, 2010

2 1/2 Years Old

Ok, so this post is a bit behind since Lukas was technically 2 1/2 in October. I did want to document his development before it came time to make the "3 year old" post.

Lukas at 2 1/2:
- was about 25 lbs in October, but now 26 lbs in January
- is about 37-38 inches tall
- has the verbal skills of about a 5 year old (a comment made by his pediatrician)...needless to say he talks ALL the time
- is very strong-willed, but usually listens even when he's not happy about something
- knows all his shapes, abc's upper and lowercase, numbers 0-20, and most of his phonics
- needs a reason for everything
- is very musical. He sings, plays instruments (all of them), and loves listening to music.
- loves art and crafts. He wants (and gets) to paint, color, make crafts, or draw with chalk everyday. We are currently working on gluing, and will start cutting soon.
- goes to school and LOVES it 3 days a week. If he didn't go to school, I'd be pulling my hair out trying to find things to keep him busy.
- is into cars, dinosaurs (big time), books, puzzles and games, building, and anything creative.
- remembers EVERYTHING! He can easily hear something in passing, store it away, and weeks later pull it out and use it. So we have to be very careful what he hears and sees, otherwise we'll be backpedaling.
- likes to eat any kind of fruit, Colby Jack cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, PB&J, eggs, pancakes or waffles, mac & cheese (especially when it's made with real cheese), graham crackers with or without peanut butter, most snack foods, chicken nuggets, pizza, etc.
- has a great imagination! He comes up with some very creative stories.
- loves to GO! He likes to go play outside, shop, or just ride in the car.
- is very outgoing and loving.
- loves his Mommy and Daddy more and more everyday!