Saturday, April 25, 2009

2 Years Old!

Since I didn't make a "23 Month" post I'm noting the milestone type things he's been doing since then.  

At TWO years old Lukas:
 - is about 24 lbs (this is currently a fluctuating issue)
 - about 36 in tall (we did our own measurment...the official doctor stats will come later)
 - knows all his ABC's visually (since 23 mo) - He won't always cooperate and tell you, but he does know them.  Thank you Sesame Street!
 - can count to five counting objects and can rote count to 13 (since 23 mo) - He does tend to leave the number 2 out a lot, but he's said it enough that I know he know's it's supposed to be there.
 - can recogize his written name
 - knows his name when asked "What's your name?"
 - recognizes Mommy and Daddy's car
 - knows all his colors...or at least the ones most used (since 23 mo)
 - speaks in 2-3 word sentences all the time...and I mean ALL the time (since 23 mo)
 - converses about concepts that are not directly in front of him - ex: L - "I see boat." (as we passed a boat shop one day) M - "Where does a boat go?" L - "Water." M - "What do you do with a boat on the water?" L - "Fish boat."  M - Do you want to fish on a boat?" L - "Yes" M - "Would you catch the fish and eat them or let them go?" L - "Let go."
 - is pretend playing 
 - remembers events and activities for several weeks depending on how deep an impression they left
 - thinks he's 5 (he told me so)
 - loves music, balls, cars, painting, books, tv, animals, and parks
 - follows dirctions well, but certainly pushes boundries.  He usually does not decide, however, to find the boundry line and stand on it.
 - is usually polite, but has definately reached the "mine" stage so sometimes politeness goes out the window.  
 - thinks everyone is his friend.
 - loves his Mommy and Daddy more and more everyday...and tells us so!!

Health Update:  Lukas went to the doctor last Wednesday (4-22-09) for a low-grade fever and a rash.  After getting there, and his doctor observing some puzzling symptoms (one of which was him being really shakey) she sent us over for a chest x-ray.  This showed his asthma to be aggitated, so we went to the pulminologist on Friday.  He told us that based on the x-ray and his observations Friday, Lukas was fine asthmatically.  We are not sure we trust this opinion, and will possibly seek out a second with recommendations from his pediatrician.  But for now, he will go for allergy testing Monday at 8:45am and back to the pediatrician for a follow-up including bloodwork on Friday at 9:30am.  Lukas is currently losing weight (he's lost about 1.5 lbs in the last 2-3 wks) while his eating habits remain the same, and he's had a drainage that is green unless he's on antibiotics since at least December.  There are some obvious questions we are seeking answers for (and some we've been seeking answers for a while).  We will keep you updated as we find them, but until we do please pray for us.  We're all worn out from Lukas being constantly sick, and getting frustrated that we can't find the answers to how to make him better.  Hopefully this next week will be enlightening!

2nd Birthday Party!

Lukas had his 2nd birthday party last Saturday (4-18-09).  This party was originally planned for outside, but due to the weather got moved inside.  It was a bit of a scramble, but it turned out really well.  Lukas' friends Kaleb and Maddie were able to come, along with all our extended family that lives in the area.  Lukas had a Sesame Street party which heavily highlighted Elmo.  :)  The celebration kicked off at 10:00am, and with three two year olds running around it was quite the party.  Notice in the pictures how the kids are set up in the middle as the entertainment, with the adults lining the outside of the room.

He was very proud of his Elmo balloon!

Elmo birthday cookie...yummy! (only $10 at the Kroger bakery!!!)

Maddie, Kaleb, and Lukas...they make quite a trio.

He loved the Elmo hats in the package and on the table, but on his head was another story.

The beginning of the painting...

and the end of the painting.  At this point they all had paint covering their hands and feet.  I think Kaleb was the most "decorated" painter, and Lukas was the least "decorated" painter.  I'm not sure what that says about their personalities.

After washing all the paint off, the kids made visors.  

Lukas blew his own candles out!!  Believe it or not, but I'm not helping him.  I never even told him to blow them out.  I just put the cookie down as we were singing, and as soon as the song was over out went the candles.  I never knew "candle-blowing" was instinctual. 

Lukas and Maddie ate all the icing and some of the cookie, while Kaleb carefully ate his whole cookie.  Needless to say, they enjoyed themselves.  

They took a play break while the adults had birthday cookie.

After playing we opened presents.  I'm not putting up these pictures, but he got some AWESOME stuff!  Thank you everyone!  

This was one of my favorite pictures from the party.  Lukas showing Grandma Smith the great present that she gave him.  


This was his stop sign for the party.  He picked it out at Party City because it was a stop sign.

We took a TON of pictures, so if you were at the party you have been immortalized on "film".  If anyone would like to see more of these wonderful pictures just let me know and I'll be glad to share them with you.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Lukas!!!

My sweet boy is TWO today!  While that is completely unbelievable to me because I have no idea where all the time has gone, I am having SO much fun!

It's hard to believe we've gone from this,

to this,


to this in just 2 years!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beginning of the Birthday Festivities!

The reason for the lack of posts as of late is my computer died, and I only have access to a decent computer after Eric gets home from work. Things that have happened since my last post that unfortunately probably won't get a post are: Children's Museum with Kaleb and Maddie on 3-16-09, a trip to Houston 3-18-22-09, the Stroll for Epilepsy also with Kaleb and Maddi on 4-4-09, Bluebonnets 2009, and Easter 2009. If I get a chance I'll do a catch up post, but don't hold your breath. :)

Lukas celebrated his birthday party at school on Thursday (4-16-09). He treated all his school friends to Wonder Pets fruit snacks and Sesame Street apple juice.

Mr. Ham ready for school!

Lukas' class eating fun treats!

Opening a birthday present from his teachers.

Our family outing to the Children's Museum (4-17-09) was a blast! We were there with many schools for field trips (and the rain!!), so while it was crazy it was still lots of fun.

At the "tool station"

the of his favorite things at the museum

Lukas the Farmer

Mommy and Lukas watching a movie about the tooth fairy....we only watched about a minute of it.

Sand table...a big hit this time.

Hot air balloon was the FAVORITE this trip. We made it rise MANY times.

He loved the animal costumes, but the dog costume was the only one he'd actually put on.

Soon to come are Lukas' birthday posts!