Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Corina!

My sweet girl is ONE today! Happy 1st Birthday Corina!

Eating waffles for breakfast.

Awake after afternoon nap.

She loves the rocking chair.

Big smiles!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

11 Months

As amazing and crazy as it is, Corina's first year is way too quickly coming to an end. She is certainly developing her own personality, which usually comes out the most when Lukas isn't around. She is showing some pretty big indications to be as much a mini me, as Lukas is a mini Eric. Her reflux has been getting better, and she has been discharged from her gastro doctor unless she doesn't meet certain requirements after she's a year and "fully upright" most of the time. Yay!!

Corina at 11 months:
- weighs about 18 lbs
- is "talking" more. She is beginning to babble sentences instead of syllables.
- will sign the milk, more, and bye-bye.
- will say Dada, Mama (although not near like she says Dada), and Bru (brother - and this one she hardly ever says).
- is pulling to standing on everything
- has a definite opinion about how things should be done, and if they are not done that way she'll let you know.
- LOVES to read. She brings books over all the time to read, and already has some favorites.
- has rhythm. She dances, claps, and even sometimes sings with music whenever she hears it (on beat too!).
- likes to play with any musical instrument. The current favorites are the drum and xylophone, but she also enjoys the clapper, tambourine, whistle, piano, and any others she can easily manipulate.
- enjoys playing animals, tea party, dinosaurs, blocks, cars, and roll the ball as well right now.
- really, really loves playing with Lukas. A fact which Lukas is starting to get annoyed with. Lukas still loves her to distraction, but not so much when she's trying to play with his toys. Then she has become 'enemy of the state' number one! The complaining version of "Mommy" that says "she's in my way" has now joined the things I hear daily.
- is not so fond of weird textures. She loves being outside, but this dead, poky grass is not so cool. She hated the snow!
- is VERY persistent. If she wants to do or have something, she will not be redirected easily.
- has started to enjoy table food. She's still eating mostly baby food, but is having table food also during most meals.
- is absolutely amazing in every way!!
- loves her Mommy, Daddy, and Brother more and more every day!!!!

Drinking from her sippy cup. Please excuse Lukas in the background...we were getting ready for bed.

Standing and plotting her next move.

Monday, March 7, 2011