Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Texas Tradition

So if you live in Texas for any amount of time with kids, you will probably succumb to an annual bluebonnet photo session.

This is ours, and Lukas was so tired he almost didn't know up from down.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Birthday Party

We celebrated Lukas' first birthday with a small family party on the day he turned one (the 19th), and then a week later we celebrated with all of his friends. All in all we feel so blessed to know how well loved Squid is. Also, a special thanks to Joanna who made his birthday cakes. They looked perfect, and tasted great!

The Family Party

The Friend Party

Thursday, April 24, 2008

12 Months Old

Lukas is ONE YEAR old! I cannot believe how quickly this past year has flown by! He's so amazing, and is just the smartest kid I know.

Lukas at 12 months:
- is about 20 lbs
- is about 32 inches long
**he has his 12 month "well baby" visit on May 8th, so we'll know more accurately what those numbers are then....for now it was just Mommy and Daddy measurements
- can say Mom, Dada, mo (more), duh (done), bah bah (bye bye), Meh (Melody, our youngest cat)
- will sign more and done...he's also starting to shake and nod his head, but not always accurately
- is standing on his own
- is beginning to walk...he usually only walks on his own when he doesn't realize that he's doing it
- still can be entered in the sport of "speed crawling"...jeepers he's fast!
- babbles all day to Mommy and Daddy (when he gets home), however everyone else thinks he's a very quiet boy because he hardly talks in public
- is very inquisitive...he loves to figure stuff out, from puzzles to "how does this work" he's on it
- is very a new environment especially he will watch it until he knows everything about it before he does much of anything (this also means that he watches everything Mommy and Daddy do and attempts to do it himself....oh goodie we're going to have to be very careful)
- has a radar sense about technology...if there's any kind of technology, no matter how small or hidden, he will find it and want to play with that above everything else
- is very independent...he wants to do things his way and on his own time, and nobody can tell him different (this also means he's starting to throw tantrums when he doesn't get his way....I was hoping to wait a bit on that one)
- loves food...the only thing he will not eat so far is broccoli (and we think that's a texture thing because he ate pureed broccoli just fine)
- just started drinking milk and loves it!
- is growing like a weed because he's eating us out of house and home
- is starting to actually sit and read a book with someone...go figure books are not just for turning the pages
- has bruises on his legs almost constantly because he is such a daredevil - he just barrels on through
- has 8 teeth (four on top and four on bottom) and is working on all his 1 year molars (so painful!)
- loves his Mommy and Daddy more everyday!

Fun in the tree!

Sticks are....yummy?

Can I please have that?

For more 12 month pictures you can go view his JC Penney portraits by clicking here. When you get to the website, simply type in my name (Larissa Swayne) in the "customer name" spot.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Today Lukas turned one! We had a fun family party, and he got all sorts of cool gifts.

Happy First Birthday, Lukas!

We love you so much!

I will post his 12 month stats and party pics next week.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Painful and Disgusting

On Monday, Lukas landed at the doctor's office and was diagnosed with the beginnings of an ear infection. I was not terribly surprised seeing as most of the time we land at the doctor's office it's an ear infection (I think a total of 4 since January). However, when this morning (Wed) his ear started draining reddish-brownish goo I started to get a little more concerned. Thankfully, Eric was home today (I had a migraine...lovely day in our house, huh?) so I didn't have to do all this alone. We went again to doctor (we really should get a discount for being there so much) and were told his ear drum had burst. He now has new medicine, and we had to swab out his ear with an adult q-tip. I thought I was going to hurt him worse, but we were also told we could bulb syringe his ear (no thanks!!) so I chose the lesser of two evils. Now that all the pressure from the built up fluid is gone though he should be feeling better (at least that what the doctor says), we have yet to see that.

I don't think I've ever mentioned, but Dr. Naylor is the best pediatrician. She was so much help to us when we were looking for a company on insurance to do his helmet. And it helps that she absolutely loves him! So if anyone out there is ever looking for a really good pediatrician in Flower Mound, I highly recommend her.

On another note, I know I haven't posted pictures lately but our camera is acting up. If we can't fix it by tomorrow we'll have to go the old fashion route (*gasp!*) for his birthday and then just develop it. 'Cause who does that anymore in this digital age. Oh well, we'll do what we have to. So needless to say, pictures of his ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY (can't believe it!) are coming soon.

Monday, April 14, 2008

First Step

Lukas took his first step on Friday (4-11) morning! We were at the Doodlebug Daycare (Rachel Wages' home daycare) helping out, and he decided that I wasn't close enough to where he wanted to go. So he stepped out on his own and took one whole step without holding on to anything!!! Since then he has taken several steps (usually one step at a time), but on Sunday (4-13) morning he took two steps in a row. He then proceeded to face plant into the wheel of his walker so jubilations were cut short.

We are so proud of our little man!! He's growing up so fast!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just a Mommy Brag

Lukas is so close to walking it's unbelievable. He is walking barely holding on to the furniture, holding on to your hands, his walker, the wall, etc. He's getting really good too, but he just hasn't quite figured out how to balance completely on his own. This is a video I took of him last Wednesday.

This little guy is so smart, and yes I'm biased. He can now say Mom, Dada (for Daddy), buh buh (for bye bye), and mo (for more). He will also uses the signs for "more" and "all done". He knows what the hand sanitizer is for, and whenever we get some will indicate that he needs some too by wiping his hands together. He will try to put socks and shoes on his feet (thankfully his own, not trying to wear Mommy or Daddy's shoes). He knows where his toothbrush is kept and will try to get it out so he can brush his teeth every time he's near it. He has mastered putting the lid back on his own bottle, and will take it off just so he can put it back on. He is starting to sort. For example, if he has a mixture of snack foods on his tray he will pick out the goldfish to eat first since they are his favorite. He's starting to figure out how to "do" puzzles.

He's just been doing so many new things lately I wanted to brag a little. I'm simply amazed at how fast he can pick up on things if it's something he wants to know. He is so attentive, so we're going to have to be very careful in the future since he will be watching our every move.