Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun with Mema and Grandad

Lukas went to visit Mema and Grandad July 18-20 so Mommy and Daddy could have a small break. Here's the proof they sent back with him that he had fun!

This was the first time he rode the carousel, and he didn't quite know what to do with it.

The second time around he had a lot more fun!

Trying on shoes....he got 2 new pairs!

He apparently talked on this phone all weekend.

While at home alone we were able to go on a date, as well as put in a major day of house hunting. Not a product of that day, but we have found a house we like and have made an offer. So, now it's all in God's hands!

Friday, July 11, 2008

5 Years

We recently celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary (June 28th to be exact), but we've been so busy that it got missed in the blog world. In the 5 years that we've been married our lives have gone through changes (good and bad) that I never would have dreamed of. However, to be at the point we are today (very happy, with a wonderful son and fantastic job for Eric) I wouldn't have traded any of our experiences. We have been very blessed!

My family at 5 years!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Squid takes Denver

Over the Fourth of July weekend we went to Denver, CO for my cousin's wedding. Let me tell you the trip was interesting. The fun all started before our trip actually started when we took Lukas to the doctor last Thursday. The diagnosis was inconclusive...maybe the beginnings of an ear infection or maybe just teeth. So off we went with a prescription if we wanted to fill it just in case. We decided to fill it and that turned out to be a good decision since the next day his snot turned green.

On Friday (July 4) Lukas took his first airplane ride. We booked using my generous father-in-law's miles, and somehow we ended up in first class. The extra space was great! He did great on the way there, only getting a little fussy near the end.

Here's the pictures of him all ready to go. I know there small and kinda bad...sorry. We didn't realize until later that Eric's phone, which took the picture, had been changed to the lowest resolution.

When we got to the Denver airport we met my parents. Lukas took Grandad on a tour of Baggage Claim.

The Swaynes documented at the airport safe and sound.

The next few days were a mixture of continued sleep deprivation (he was not sleeping well before we left town, and being in a hotel and sick certainly didn't help that) and an attempt at fun (which with a family reunion of sorts how can you not have fun).

Squid and Aunt Ashley (who was a lot more awake...and therefore more fun than Mommy and Daddy)

Lukas and Great-Aunt Phyllis (who has more energy than all of us combined)

My cousin Jeff and his new bride Megan were happily married on Saturday (July 5). The wedding was at beautiful country club (which I probably should remember the name of, but I think that's how out of it I was all weekend). The view was amazing. We ended up watching the ceremony from inside instead of on the deck with everyone else because Lukas got his thumb smashed in a chair so he was screaming through half of it. Thankfully we got to see and hear (thank you microphones and speakers) and not put a screaming baby on their wedding video. We are all so happy to have Megan in the family now, and the two of them looked very happy together (as they should on their wedding day).

Jeff and Megan Wilson

Lukas is trying very hard to get out of this picture.

The Swaynes with my cousin Tim. Yes, there are 3 Wilson brothers.

Lukas at the end of the night. By far Mema got the sweetest picture!

Our returning flight was not near as uneventful as as the first one. Lukas managed to wail through the first 1/3 of it. I got the lucky seat across the aisle from Baby and Daddy this trip, however due to wailing Baby I ended up with wailing Baby which then turned into sleeping Baby...thankfully. He then woke up as we were landing with his ears bothering him and started to cry again. Not a fun trip.

However, even though we were completely exhausted through the whole trip and Squid was "fun" to deal with, I'm really glad we went. I hardly ever get a chance to see this side of my family (especially all of them) and so even though I'm not sure I made the best impression on some of the newer members due to the fact that we were completely sleep deprived, I'm very glad to have seen everyone.

On another note, I'd also like to congratulate my cousin Dan and his wife Dana. They got married at the beginning of June. It was wonderful to meet her this past weekend, and now have her in the family as well.