Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

This year Christmas was NOT what we planned. Starting on Friday (the 23rd) Lukas was diagnosed with RSV. This wasn't really a shock to us because he gets it every year, but the timing was awful (although better now than in February). Saturday (the 24th) due to Lukas and Corina both having fevers, we had to miss out on seeing my extended family at my grandmother's house. Lukas also developed an ear infection on Saturday, so we had to get medicine through the on-call doctor since even the after hours doctors were closed. Sunday (the 25th) we had our family Christmas in the morning, and Mimi and Papa came over that evening for Christmas dinner. That night we noticed that Corina's right ear drum had likely ruptured. Monday (the 26th) we had Christmas with Mema, Grandad, Aunt Ashley, and Uncle Ryan. Between opening presents in the morning and dinner that evening, we took Corina to the Acute Kids (the after hours pediatric doctor). They confirmed that her ear drum had ruptured and she had a double ear infection (fourth one in three months) and likely the beginnings of RSV. Tuesday (the 27th) Lukas' breathing got gradually worse until that night he started coughing with every inhalation, and complained that he couldn't breathe. Scared us badly, a lot because he looked so scared. He went off to the ER, but was thankfully fine by the time he arrived (after treatments at home and in the car). The ER doctor was less than helpful, and Eric (who took him) left very frustrated. Wednesday (the 28th) we took everyone to the doctor to be checked for various things. At that point Lukas had turned the corner, and was starting to get better. Corina was still at the beginning of her round of RSV, so was expected to get worse before better. Thursday (the 29th) Corina ran a fairly high fever all day until it finally maxed out at 104. That was her worst night, and she started getting better (RSV-wise) the next day. By Saturday (the 30th) it was clear that Corina's ears were not feeling better, so we went back to Acute Kids to check it out and get new antibiotics. Monday (the 2nd) was Corina's appointment with the ENT. He recommended that she get tubes (which we expected), and so that surgery is scheduled for January 27th. Through this whole mess Eric and I were also not feeling fantastic since we likely had the same RSV virus from the kids. Thankfully as of Tuesday (the 3rd) everyone is mostly better (I'm still working on it), and went back to normal routines.

Even with two kids with fevers, two kids with RSV, two kids with ear infections, and two parents also under the weather, we had a nice Christmas. Some pictures from all of our celebrations. While Lukas doesn't look horribly excited in most of these (due to being the sickest at that time), he really was.

Christmas at Bass Pro

For the past several years, we've gone to see Santa at Bass Pro and enjoy all the fun holiday stuff they have. We learned last year that it's best to do this on the weekdays because the weekends are SO crowded. And while they have a fantastic system in place for seeing Santa, it's nice to do the rest of the stuff without the waiting lines. While there we saw Santa (which was a big hit until we actually walked up to him, and then both kids balked a bit), rode the reindeer carousel a couple times, saw the fish (no special holiday fish though), drove model trains, drove model cars, shot nerf type guns and crossbows, colored, and looked at all the fun decorations.

While not the best picture, this one pretty much displays everyone's sentiments about the process. Corina didn't cry, but she also wasn't terribly excited about being put on a strangers lap. Lukas decided he didn't want to sit with Santa, but agreed to stand beside him. And Santa was just trying to get a smile, a look, anything out of Corina.

Riding the reindeer carousel!

While Lukas drove trains and cars and shot nerf guns, Corina colored.

You can see in his face, "Mom, I'm only doing this because you made me. I'd much rather be over there driving the model train."

He was trying so hard not to smile because he knew I was standing there taking his picture.

Mommy and kids.

Daddy and kids.

Lukas' Christmas Program

Here's my first of several "catch up" posts.

Butterfly School's Christmas Program was December 15, 2011. Corina's age group does not participate yet because they're so small. The pre-k classes were dressed as angels (girls) and shepherds (boys). Needless to say they were adorable. When Lukas got up on the stage, he found me but couldn't locate Daddy (who was in the front with the camera). Through the first three songs all he did was stand there, look around and ask where Eric was. There was a nice added line of "Where's Daddy?" throughout most of the program. Thankfully he did finally spot Eric as they were setting up for the fourth and final song (with the 3's classes), so he did actually sing the last one. I didn't get much with my little camera, and the video camera videos have to be formatted (and I don't know how to do that) before they can be put up online. So here's a few pictures that I got.

Cutest shepherd ever!

Mommy, Daddy and Lukas after his performance.

A bit of the last song...Feliz Navidad.