Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas this year was crazy, rushed, wonderful, and perfect.  We barely had time to scrape everything together this year since we had a fantastically awful week of illness prior to Christmas. However it all came together (at the last minute), and the kids awoke to Santa's visit, gifts, playing, resting, and best of all...SNOW!  It was a beautiful and perfect day!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Asher 10 Months!

Asher at 10 months:
- 19lbs 3 oz - He's been so sick (at least we think that's the problem) that he's not gaining weight.  Next week is his next weight check, and if he hasn't gained then we'll start figuring out how to fix it.
- is crawling everywhere.  He's discovered that he can explore the entire house, and he loves it!
- is now pulling up to standing (as of 10-2-12).
- knows and says Mama and Dada (as of 10-1-12).   It clicked when I noticed he only said 'mama' while Eric was at work, and then he said 'dada' one morning when he'd only been with and seen Eric. 
- will babble quite a lot when Lukas and Corina aren't around or if someone is talking to him. 
- drinks 4 6oz bottles a day.  The doctor really wants him to be eating 5 to help gain some weight.
- eats 3 baby food portions a day.  He is still only eating pudding texture purees.   Anything thicker or chunkier than that, he chokes on.  He loves puffs and yogurt melts, but if those are not given slowly he chokes on those also.
- LOVES his brother and sister!!  He thinks they are the funniest people around.
- enjoys music.
- studies everything.  He inspects things very intently so he knows exactly what it's all about.
- received ear tubes 11-9-12.  He's had one ear infection since, but it hardly bothered him.
- has been through his first round of RSV. 
- is now on twice daily Pulmacort for the duration of the winter to combat the bronchiolitis that seems to always be present on x-rays.
- loves his family more and more every day!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year we were able to trick or treat at a local shopping area.  It was a blast!  Aside from the candy, the kids also enjoyed bounce houses, games, coupons to various places, and take home crafts.  We were excited to be able to enjoy Halloween in this safe environment.

Asher 9 Months!

I gave up trying to find time to blog every month with all three kids sick for several months straight.  I am continually amazed at how little time I seem to have to do anything.

Asher at 9 months:
 - weighs 19lbs 6 oz.
 - is 31 inches tall.
 - is crawling slowly and does not venture too far from toys.
 - is clapping.  He doesn't do it often, but he's figuring out the motion.
 - loves music and music instruments.
 - is eating 4 bottles a day with 2 tablespoons of rice cereal in each to thicken it.  He is also eating 3 pureed baby foods a day.
 - is extremely laid back.  He just hangs out where ever we are.
 - is persistent.  He does not redirect easily.
 - sleeps all night....when he's well anyway.
 - pulls up to his knees, but not to standing yet.
 - loves his family more and more every day!!!!