Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Day of School 2009

School started for Lukas and I this past Tuesday (9-8-09) at Riverside Butterfly School. Lukas is going to the two's class three days a week, and I am again teaching the toddlers two days a week. We tried out the new schedule this week, and it's great! I'm going to love having Wednesday to get some things done around the house without my ever-present little helper. Lukas had so much fun in class this week, it's going to be a great year! After practicing glueing at school he came home, and got out the gluestick and glued a few things on paper...all by himself. It was very cool (and suprising) when he ran into the kitchen with a paper and said "I glued for you!"

He's gotten so big! He was very ready for the first day of school.

Dallas Arboretum

We visited the Dallas Arboretum this past Monday (9-7-09). It turned out to be a nice day for being outside. It was hot and humid, but not near as bad as our 103 zoo trip last month. The arboretum was having a playhouse exhibit, so we were able to view 14 or 15 houses. The theme this year was storybook and fairytales. We saw houses based on Peter Pan, 1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Hansel and Gretel, Alice in Wonderland, and many more.

These are only a small sampling of the pictures we took.

Lukas ready for the arboretum, complete with zoo map. (We got him a new map after we got our tickets.)

He looks so big in this picture!

This was probably my favorite playhouse.

His smile these days is usually more of a grimace...oh well at least he's not camera shy.

Mimi, Papa, and Lukas

He LOVES Koi fish.

The water wall...he could have stayed here for hours.

The Swaynes.

We snagged a picture of just us!

He very much wanted to ride these deer.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Swing Set and "Big Boy" Bed

Swing Set

For Lukas' birthday (back in April) we asked family to contribute towards a swing set. We had one all picked out, and it went out of stock never to be restocked. So we were back at square one, and had to search a little before we bought one. We finally decided and bought one in August. Putting it together took Eric and Alan (THANKS Alan!) several hours one Saturday, and Eric working on it all throughout the following week. Lukas LOVES it!!!

Eric and Alan working. The tower was most of what they got put together.

Lukas helping with his tools.

Once the tower was complete Lukas was ready to slide!

Awesome! Although Lukas was completely not thrilled when I asked him to sit still for the picture.

"Big Boy" Bed

Lukas has always been a fantastic sleeper, not cared about sleeping in a crib vs. a toddler bed, and certainly never climbed out of his bed. So it was kind of a struggle to actually make the decision to change his bed over. I mean why mess up a good thing, right? He got Elmo sheets for his birthday, and so with those washed and ready we finally decided to change him over August 23rd. Needless to say Lukas helped direct the change over. He has done marvelously with the new freedom. It is weird when he shows up in our room every now and then in the very early morning ready to play, but if it's before 6:30 he is redirected back to bed. The pictures didn't turn out great since I took them with my phone, but it's better than nothing.

Getting to use Daddy's tools to help with this project!

The Swayne boys at work.

The "big boy" bed.

So happy with the new bed.

In other news Lukas has had an asthmatically good summer. June was rough, but July and August were great! School starts this week, so I'm a bit worried what that will bring. We'll pray for good health and see what happens.