Monday, January 31, 2011

9/10 Months Old

I realized I never wrote Corina's 9 month post, so here it is with her 10 month post. January was a rough month for her because she was sick 3 out of 4 weeks. Lukas came down with RSV (most likely anyway...he was never tested), and joyfully past it on to her. She started getting sick Jan 12, and tested positive on the 14th. At first it looked as if it was going to be a super mild case, with just lots of snot and coughing. January 19th, though, she started having the breathing trouble. Thankfully we were able to keep her out of the hospital, but had a couple scary moments at home. Definitely not something I care to repeat. Then on the 25th she got sick again (barely over the RSV), and was diagnosed with the flu on the 28th. The flu wasn't terribly awful, but sitting in the doctor's office listening to the possibilities of what to watch for as emergency signs was. Thankfully the worst part of the flu was the fever (got up to 103) for a couple days. She did have some breathing trouble with, but not near as bad as with RSV. Now that we're at the end of January and I've spent almost half the month at the doctor, I'm ready for February and healthy kids.

Corina at 9 months:
- 16 lbs 9 oz
- 27.5 inches
- is very social (she waves and smiles at everyone)
- is pulling up to her knees
- loves toys that shake, music, and everything Lukas has
- does not like baby food meat (not that I blame her), but loves all the fruits and veggies
- according to her 9 month well visit is very high in problem solving and communicating (although most of hers is nonverbal), and average in motor skills
- loves her Mommy, Daddy, and Brother more and more everyday!

Corina at 10 months:
- about 17 lbs
- about 27.5 inches
- knows and uses the words Mama and Dada properly. Since she rarely "talks", keeping count of her words has been harder than it was with Lukas (who "talked" nonstop...and still does). I think she is also using 'baba' for bottle and 'buh' for Brother.
- is becoming a very good pointer. If she wants something she'll point at it.
- communicates everything. She doesn't "talk" a ton, but her nonverbal cues fill in the blanks. She's very expressive.
- waves bye
- loves music! When she hears music, especially music with a beat, she dances and grooves to the beat (and yes, she's usually with the beat).
- wants to do everything Lukas is doing. Lukas is now constantly requesting (or whining and complaining) that she stop, be moved, or just simply leave him alone.
- loves yogurt. She gets to eat it most every morning for breakfast.
- is still working on finger foods. She was getting pretty good at eating table foods at the beginning of January, but getting so sick for so long has completely thrown off her eating habits.
- has no interest in a sippy cup. She can pick it up and use it, but shivers and coughs each time she gets any water/juice in her mouth. At this point, I'm not sure if it's a reflux thing or an opinion thing.
- despite being so sick and having abnormal eating habits to change everything....we think her reflux is getting better.
- is so happy and cheerful when she feels good. She loves to clap, laugh, sing, dance, play, and explore.
- loves her Mommy, Daddy, and Brother more and more everyday!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Conversation with Lukas

I have a list of things I need to find time to blog about, but I wanted to get this one written down before I forgot because it was an amazing conversation.

In the car is usually where Lukas decides to ask the most complicated questions that usually leave me digging in the through the far corners of my brain to find the answers. Then once I've found the answer, finding a way to explain it to the 3.5 year old that wants the real answer is always a trick. This particular conversation, however, started with leaves and had me almost in tears by the end of it.

Lukas: "Mommy, why are some leaves still green?"
Me: "Because they stay green all winter. They're called Evergreen trees."
L: "What are the ones without leaves called?"
M: "I can't remember, I'll have to look it up." (yes, I have since remembered that they are deciduous trees)
L: "Mommy, I want to climb those trees." (we were driving past trees by the lake)
M: (adding only the part that's relevant) "I used to climb trees at my Mema and Grandad's house."
**side note to say that we had to take time to straighten out that it was my grandparents not his.
L:"I want to go climb the trees at your grandparents house."
M:"Well, you can't, Sweetheart. They don't live here anymore."
L:"Where do they live?"
M:"They've died and gone to heaven to live with God."
L:"When will they come back?"
M:"They won't. One day we'll go to heaven to live with God too. We'll see them then."
L:"But when will they come back to life? Jesus did."
M:"Jesus was one special person. He was the Son of God, and he's the only special person that will ever come back to life.
L: (after thinking and processing) "I want to go see Jesus."

Oh yes, by the end of this one I was almost crying. Amazing how simple it is.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Zoo

We went to the zoo to celebrate New Year's Eve this year. This of course meant nothing but a zoo trip to Lukas, but that's ok. It was a beautiful sunny, chilly, and windy day. We were so glad to be outdoors even though the wind made it quite chilly at times. An added bonus was the lack of crowd. There seemed to be hardly anyone there, so it was very peaceful.

Lukas ready with the map, and Corina just ready.

We made it to Predator Rock to watch the lions show off their behaviors. It was pretty neat, and Lukas got a front row seat.

Lukas had a question at the end, so they waited until he got a turn to ask it (which was another cool thing about the zoo not being crowded).

Daddy and Lukas playing in the jeep.

Corina's expression most of the day. The "why are we out here in the chilly wind" look.

having a blast playing outside

Mommy and Corina watching the elephants.

This picture was supposed to have two kids, but one wouldn't get in it. So only Corina gets to be with the elephant fountain.

This is what Lukas was doing...

Mommy and her crazy blessings.

He HAD to drink out of EVERY fountain.

Lukas and the chameleon had a very long staring contest. The chameleon climbed down from a top branch to get more on his eye level and kept reaching to the glass to try to touch him. It was really neat.

Corina fell asleep in the reptile house. I can't say I blame her because if there's a part I'd miss, it's the snakes.

As always, Lukas ended the trip riding the triceratops on the carousel.

Daddy and his awesome playmates.