Monday, March 18, 2013

Asher is 12 months!

This post is super late, but I needed to get it in here.

Asher at 12 months:
- weighs 20lbs 12oz
- is 30.5 in tall.
- can say Mama and Dada.
- will sign more.
- is pulling up to standing.
- is beginning to cruise the furniture.
- wants to feed himself.  He is now eating only table food cut up in tiny bites.
- will drink out of a sippy cup.  The Lansinoh "ball" cups are the only ones that don't make him choke right now.
- loves books and music.
- is always thinking and studying.
- loves Baby Einstein.  He watches Baby Neptune almost every night to calm down while waiting for Corina to go to sleep so he can get in bed.
- sleeps all night, and takes 2 naps usually.
- is persistent.  He is not easily redirected from a task he has chosen to do.

We had his birthday party February 2, 2013.  He had lots of fun, and received some wonderful gifts!  Here's a few pictures.