Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Asher is THREE!

I'm not quite sure how the past three years past so quickly, but here we are.  My baby is THREE! I have found this birthday hard for several reasons; 1) There are no more babies behind him. While this is a good and planned thing, it still makes it really hard to see him grow bigger. 2) We are so busy due to having three kids going in generally three different directions that time simply speeds by.  As soon as I think I'm savoring the moments, poof, they're gone again.  But with all that being said, let's celebrate Asher!

At THREE years old, Asher:
 - weighs 30.5 lbs.
 - is about 38 in tall.
 - is my athletic kid.  He runs, kicks, throws, punches, jumps, climbs, etc, and he does it all really well.  Now that he's three, next on the list is finding some tiny sport he participate in.  :)
 - is the absolute most strong-willed child I have ever met.  He is most certainly my boundary-pusher.
 - is a good eater, but does listen first to if Lukas or Corina's opinions on food.  New (and therefore healthy) food usually proves to be more of a challenge at this point.  He will out grow it because eventually his stomach will overrule the unknown.  At that point he will realize that I do not serve him nasty dinners just because it's unfamiliar.
 -  loves cars, knights, Transformers, Octonauts, Spiderman, Team Umi Zoomi, and balls.
 - would stay outside all the time if allowed.  He simply loves to be and play outdoors.  This is such a switch from everyone else in the family because most of the rest of us enjoy being outside but gravitate to indoor activities first. Since it's not what I think of first, I have to actively remember to make time for him to get that energy out.
 - LOVES Lukas and Corina!!  While he has his own opinion about how things should be done, he loves playing with them as much as time will allow.  And on a side-note, I absolutely love watching my kids play.  Not so much the fighting that always comes with the playing, but most certainly the playing and listening to their ideas and stories together.
 - enjoys school.  You'd never know it right now if you watch him at drop off, but he really does enjoy being with his school friends and teachers.  Thank you Footprints Preschool for giving him this amazing experience!
 - loves his Mommy and Daddy more and more every day!!!!!

We dealt with the flu all week leading up to Asher's big day, so we had a small family only celebration this year.  He had a great day playing with balloons that we blew up for decoration, decorating his cupcake, opening and then playing with new toys, and best of all doing pretty much what he wanted all day.  

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